Based in Brooklyn NY, BQE Multirotors designs carbon fiber frames for FPV quadcopters.  We strive to design the toughest frames, that can take the serious abuse of flying in urban settings. We started BQE with the BQE 210, a beefed up basher meant for freestyle and racing over concrete. They’re overbuilt and ridiculously hard to break. After months of testing, our version 4 is even lighter and stronger than previous models, and is now shipping with TPU camera mounts for full size and Runcam Split Cameras. But we’ve got a lot more in store… Check out our new BQE Mega Pixel Micro for 1104 motors, and the Mini Pixel for 2″ props.



BQE Pixel – ripping a tiny hole in the sky

Check out Jonathan Gutierrez ripping it up on his BQE Pixel. Loaded with DYS 1104 7500kv motors, PikoBLX, Cicada 10amp escs, TX01, 2530 quad blade props and 3s lipos... unstoppable and super agile. These little micros are the future!

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Runcam Swift Mini mounts for the BQE SX4/SX3

We love this new little Runcam Swift Mini, now available on preorder from The Swift Mini is a perfect fit on the BQE SX3 and SX4, with our new 3d printed TPU mounts.  And if shaving a few grams off the camera wasn't enough, this mount and the new Mini...

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Born in Brooklyn.

Tested in Queens.