These are sold out but we do have BOTAFX Banger frames in stock.

If you’re looking at this page, you probably already know all about the BOTAFX Banger frame kit. It’s one of the beefiest and most trusted FPV freestyle frames in the game.

This page is for a limited edition Banger frame kit, with a pink and purple colorway, extra tpu, a pack of 9mm motor screws for those beefy 6mm arms, and exclusive pink stickers. 

If you’re looking for full specs and details on the BOTAFX, click on over to the OG page. But here are a few highlights:

  • Room for 2 20×20 stacks or 1 30.5 x 30.5 and one 20×20
  • Slotted rear stack to make your fit perfect
  • Single bolt arm change when using a 20×20 stack
  • 20mm stack clearance
  • Designed for mini size cameras
  • Weight as shown in photos is 158g
  • Fits Caddx Vista Digital System for DJI goggles without modification (sma antenna connector suggested)


What’s in this kit:

  • 6mm chamfered carbon fiber arms
  • 3.2mm Top plate
  • 3.2mm Build deck with flush mounted press nuts factory installed
  • 2mm Bottom X plate
  • Pink annodized aluminum hardware kit
  • Full set of 12.9 hardened steel m3 socket head arm bolts
  • Full set of 9mm m3 socket head motor screws for 6mm thick arms
  • Kaoss Purple extended tpu kit that includes cam mounts, sma tail mount, Bandolero style gopro adapter, immortal T bash mount
  • Exclusive Pink Botgrinder & BQE stickers


All of the stock TPU parts for the BOTAFX are downloadable for non commercial use via Thingiverse.

Need a sick matching GoPro Mount? Grab one from DRONECO!

You can purchase spare arms in single or double packs. But you probably won’t need them.

Maximum 2 per order! 


Out of stock

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