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We took everything we loved from the BOT5, made it beefier where it counts, mashed it up with design elements we’ve been fine tuning over the past year, and gave it replaceable 6mm arms… It’s the BOTAFX Banger 5″.

3 months of testing. 10 pilots. Freezing cold weather. Two broken arms. If this thing can survive Botgrinder and the BQE team, it can definitely take whatever abandoned buildings you chuck it at. There’s room for 2 stacks, it has quick change battery strap nubs, and if you run a 20×20 stack, changing an arm is as simple as removing a single bolt. And because we want to go easy on your wallet… we designed it so you can use your existing Bot5 and Bandolero GoPro mounts, and save your cash for some sweet Grinder II’s.


  • 6mm Premium carbon fiber arms
  • 3.2mm Top plate
  • 3.2mm Build deck with flush mounted press nuts factory installed
  • Room for 2 20×20 stacks or 1 30.5 x 30.5 and one 20×20
  • Slotted rear stack to make your fit perfect
  • Single bolt arm change when using a 20×20 stack
  • 20mm stack clearance
  • Fits mini size cameras
  • Compatible with all your old Bot5 GoPro mounts and accessories… the same bolt pattern saves you money!
  • Compatible with Bandolero GoPro mounts using optional adapter accessory
  • 149g assembled


GoPro Mounts and accessories for the Bot5 and BOTAFX are already available from and, and there are many accessories available on Thingiverse.

The optional Bandolero style GoPro adapter and Immortal T mounts are available separately.

All of the stock TPU parts for the BOTAFX are downloadable for non commercial use via Thingiverse.

You can purchase spare arms in single or double packs.

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The 3.2mm build deck has flush mounted press nuts to maximize every millimeter of stack space. It also has positions for a 20×20 or 30.5×30.5 center stack and a second 20×20 stack in the rear, with slotted holes to allow you to position your electronics exactly where you want them. When using 20×20 stacks, changing an arm only requires removing one bolt, and loosening one other. And can we talk about these arms for a second? They are cut from the strongest 6mm carbon we could source, have silky chamfered edges and the motor mounts are reinforced with pocket cut center holes. No more lost C-clips.


We wanted it to be as easy as possible to upgrade from your original Bot5 frame to the BOTAFX, so we used the same hole pattern for the GoPro Mounts and accessories.  Most accessories that fit the Bot5 will also fit the BOTAFX. Plus, we designed adapters to let you mount GoPro sleeves designed to fit the BQE Bandolero frame… so you can swap your GoPro from build to build, with just 4 screws. And we’ve made the top plate more durable and convenient by replacing battery strap slots with nearly unbreakable nubs to keep your straps where you want them, without it being difficult to change out torn straps.


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  1. jlmccoy

    I absolutely love my BQE frames and the Banger is no different. This thing is a beast. Way to go BQE and BotGrinder A++

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