BQE 210 4th Anniversary Edition


Back in early 2016, the BQE 210 was the first frame we released as BQE Multirotors. A super beefy, unibody 5″ trainer, the 210 quickly gained a reputation as the go-to frame for freestyle thrashers like Botgrinder, Bone FPV, and Ole Gravy Leg, who refused to let anything slow them down.

We’ve rolled out dozens of frame models since then, but after nearly 5 years, we thought it was only right to release an updated 210 frame that combines that old school true X unibody, with some fresh new ideas we’ve been working on over the past year.

The 4th Anniversary Edition BQE 210 keeps the compact 210mm motor to motor geometry and is cut from buttery 6mm carbon fiber.  Every detail has been reconsidered and refined.  Slimmer Banger style arms, chamfered edges, recessed stack mount holes, and machined  compartments reduce unnecessary material and make space to bury your components. Compatible with all the original 210 parts and accessories, as well as the BQE Stormer TPU parts, providing tons of build options.

We’re also introducing some new parts, including fixed 45º and 30º mounts for Ratel Micro or standard micro cams,  TBS Unify Pro Nano 32 inserts that bury the board in your frame and make it easy to zip down your ufl connector, Foxeer Lolipop antenna mounts, as well as multiple SMA mounting options and accessories that you can bundle with the frame or download from thingiverse to print your own.  It’s everything we ever wanted the 210 to be.


  • 210mm MTM True-X geometry for 5″ props
  • Premium 3k Matte Twill Carbon Fiber Plates
  • 6mm Unibody Bottom Plate
  • Tight tolerances, machined recesses, zip tie slots and chamfered edges
  • 25mm Standoff height
  • 2mm Top Plate
  • Bottom or top mount battery
  • Mini or Micro FPV camera sizing
  • 20×20 or 30×30 stack positions
  • Bury your TBS Unify Pro Nano 32 in the frame with TPU insert
  • Available with pivot or fixed angle micro camera mounts, and multiple antenna mount options
  • Compatible with original BQE 210 and BQE Stormer Hero mounts and accessories
  • Fits BOTAFX Banger arm guards
  • Compatible with Tank Top mount for Hero Session
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What’s included in the BQE 210 4th Anniversary Edition:

  • 6mm chamfered unibody bottom plate
  • 2mm top plate
  • TPU camera mounts for micro cam
  • TPU SMA mount / RX antenna mount
  • 4 x 25mm knurled m3 standoffs
  • 4 x 26mm m3 steel stack screws
  • 4 x 10mm m3 steel screws
  • 4 x 14mm m3 steel screws
  • 16 x 9mm m3 steel motor screws for 6mm arms
  • 2 x 4mm m2 camera screws
  • 4 x TPU pivot mount camera mounts
  • 1 x TPU insert for TBS Unify Pro Nano 32 or similar vtx
  • 1 x TPU antenna mount (select mounting option)

Optional bundled/downloadable accessories

  • 45º Fixed Ratel Micro cam mount
  • 45º Fixed Standard Micro cam mount
  • 30º Fixed Ratel Micro cam mount
  • 30º Fixed Standard Micro cam mount
  • Foxeer Lolipop Antenna mount
  • Enclosed SMA + Diversity mount
  • Compartmented Battery Skid with Immortal T mount
  • Vifly Buzzer Mount
  • Download from Thingiverse and print your own

5″ BQE 210 4th Anniversary edition – Specs

  • 5″ prop
  • 6mm carbon unibody
  • 2mm carbon top plate
  • 210mm motor to motor
  • Standard motor pattern
  • 85.35g Carbon weight
  • 100g Carbon + hardware including stack screws
  • 103.8g With Standard TPU Pivot Cams and 45º SMA TPU Tail piece
  • 110g With 30º Fixed Ratel Mount and Foxeer Lolipop Tail piece
  • 111g With  30º Fixed Ratel Mount and enclosed SMA Tail
  • 1.25g to add Unify Pro Nano 32 frame insert


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