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  • NEW VERSION 1.5 – Now with Silver Hardware and Emerald Green TPU
  • 234mm MTM True-X
  • Nice low COG – 20mm standoff height
  • Buttery 4mm 3k Matte Twill carbon fiber baseplate
  • TPU camera and SMA antenna mounts
  • Designed for MINI sized cameras like the Runcam Swift Mini or Runcam Split 2
  • 30.5 x 30.5 and 20 x 20 FC mounting
  • secondary 20×20 and 16×16 rear stack for vtx’s and accessories
  • 16×16 m3 motor pattern
  • Top or bottom mount that pack however you like
  • 3d printed accessories available from Brain3d!
  • 111g as shown.

Download 3d Printable STL files from Thingiverse.
Accessory kits now available from Brain 3d.

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The BQE BOT5 just got a little beefier. Built to withstand the rigors of urban flying, the BOT5 features a 4mm t700 carbon fiber base plate, TPU antenna and cam mounts, 20mm standoff height, multiple electronics stack mounting positions, recessed camera, and washer reinforced standoff joints. Now with reinforced arms.


7 reviews for BQE BOT5

  1. jerra (verified owner)

    I’ve broken everything I’ve flown except for this thing. I’m getting another one just for when the stuff attached to it breaks. everything flys great these days so durability is the most important thing. And its easy to build. I bought a fucken smooth operator before this what a nightmare build and then it snapped like a twig when i hit some grass. Dont mean to pick on catalsyt machine works specifically but I think a technological approach to durability blahh blahh blahh am i raving??probably but I dont normally review stuff cause there are so many fan boys out there for all this shit but this frame is strong. I love flying quadcopters . If you want to fly without worrying about hitting things get one of these. this has turned into one of those answering machine messages when you keep talking but i dont have to submit it I know but Im going to . OK.

  2. Charles-Klowd9FPV (verified owner)

    I have two. Main one and backup in case something electrical goes cause it sure as hell wont be the frame. I made a video where I full speed hit metal picnic benches tons of times trying to go under them. Ive smacked concrete during powerloops etc. I smashed motors gopros props batteries but frame survived it all. Its almost annoying to be honest. 2032 will roll around everyone will have some super futuristic high tech frames with missles and glitter while ill still be trying to kill my 2018 Bot5.

  3. David Knife

    Love this frame. Super strong at a decent weight. I’ve had a few crashes and this thing holds up great!

  4. Raule Duke (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my bot5. I have bounced this beast off the ground so many times. Lol hardly a mark on it. Great frame especially for a beginner. Easy build lots of room.

  5. Jacob Nelaon

    I’ve had it since December and so far it’s an amazing frame! Nothing has broke, everything fits beautifully… well done BQE and Botgrinder… #beastofaframe

  6. Tattoorod (verified owner)

    Toughest frame I own love it and will keep buying til someone shows me one better

  7. QuadthrashFPV

    The Bot5 is a seriously tough frame. It also flies smooth as butter, don’t need to worry above frame vibrations, this sucker is stiff and durable AF. You will not be disappointed if you choose this frame. Period. My favourite frame thus far!

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