BQE Mega Pixel 2mm

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The BQE Mega Pixel is at home almost anywhere, perfect for playgrounds and tight spaces. Now with Runcam Micro and VTX03 (or TBS Pro32 Nano with included adapter), the Mega Pixel is more rugged and has a much nicer picture quality than it’s AIO cam little brothers.

  • 2mm thick carbon fiber frame – 8.8g
  • 55º of adjustable camera tilt
  • Protected camera
  • Designed for 2.5″ props
  • Uses standard m3 hardware
  • For 1104/1105/1106 motors
  • 20mm x 20mm, 16mm x 16mm, & 15mm x 15mm FC stack mounting
  • 3d Printed TPU camera mount with antenna and 9mm buzzer mounts
  • NEW! now includes TPU adapter to mount TBS Pro3 Nano VTX
  • Includes nylon antenna protection
  • Fits 9mm buzzer, sold separately

Surprise me is a random selection from the colors we have in stock. If you need a specific color, email us.

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The BQE Mega Pixel is new take on our Pixel design. Now for Runcam Micro and VTX03! (or TBS Pro32 Nano with included adapter) Fits all the popular 20mm x 20mm Flight Controllers and 4-in-one escs, as well as the new 16mm x 16mm and 15mm x 15mm boards that are starting to roll out. Perfect for 1104/1106 motors. It flies best with 2.5″ RotorX dual props, but you can swing up to a 3″ prop with a 16mm center stack. Right at home almost anywhere, this little racer is perfect for playgrounds and tight spaces.

Looking for something a little smaller? Check out the BQE Mini Pixel for 2″ props.

We also have a 3″ model with 4mm carbon! Check out the Mega Pixel 3″

2 reviews for BQE Mega Pixel 2mm

  1. StuntinTFPV

    This has got to be one of the best micro frames out there. Light, easy to build and takes a beating. I’ve been hammering on mine for months and it’s still in great shape.

  2. The Bear (verified owner)

    One of the best micro frames out there. Nice layout with vtx holder and cam. Solid frame I have crashed into eveything and still haven’t killed it. Blast to fly on 3 inch 2s.

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