Immortal T Basher Mount for BANGER


This 3d printed TPU mount gets your TBS Immortal T antenna out of the way for flying in urban surroundings. It mounts to the bottom front of the BOTAFX using the 4 standoff bolt holes. The mounts are designed with durability in mind.

These mounts are not intended for long range use. They put the antenna in a position which is well protected for proximity and short to mid range freestyle, but it is in close proximity to carbon fiber. If you are planning on flying long distance, you should use a diversity antenna set and mount your antennas as far away from the frame and electronics as possible.

Depending on your set up, you might want to use longer screws to mount accessories to the BOTAFX.

You can download this part for non-commercial use from Thingiverse.

We also offer a similar Universal Immortal T Mount, that bolts up to the underside of any 20×20 stack.

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