Insta360 Go / Naked GoPro / SMO Sleeves for BQE Micros

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These 3d printed parts allow you to mount an Insta360 Go 1 , an Insta360 Go 2, a BetaFPV Naked GoPro, or a BetaFPV SMO 4k camera, to your BQE Micro. The mounts are pivot points for a 10mm m3 standoff, the same as on the RIP Squeaks, 3AF/3AFXL and Pickpocket Pivot Mounts… so these cam sleeves can be quickly swapped from frame to frame.

Select which style of sleeve you want, or get all 3 to see what you like best.

Includes 1 x 10mm standoff and 2 mounting screws.

Frame specific mounts sold separately:
RIP Squeak Pivot Mount Set
BQE 3AF Pivot Mount
Pickpocket Pivot Mount Canopy
Speedfreak Pivot Mount Canopy (soon)

These parts are also available for non commercial use on Thingiverse.  Print your own!

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1 review for Insta360 Go / Naked GoPro / SMO Sleeves for BQE Micros

  1. Shaun Thivierge (verified owner)


    Cant wait for the Go2 version!

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