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The BQE RIP Squeak v2 is a palm sized micro fpv frame platform, available now in a wide range of prop sizes and ultra-light configurations, most under 250g.

If you want to read more details about the frame design and see a ton of photos, scroll on down to the Description Section. Weights and model specifics are listed in the Size Chart.

If you want a longer body that can hold 2 20mmx20mm stacks so you can fit a vista etc, you should consider the 4″ Long Body Digi Edition which you can now select in the props menu below.  (Arms and Upgrade parts available now).

Here are the specs:

  • Toothpick AIO, 20mmx20mm, 16mmx16mm FC mounting positions
  • For nano sized FPV cameras, or micro size with alternate TPU mounts
  • 2mm top and bottom plates with factory pressed nuts
  • 2″, 2.5″, 3″, and 4″ arms available for this body style
  • Can be built taller with 20mm or 25mm standoffs or slammed with 10mm standoffs and alternate forward camera mount with integrated 10mm pivot
  • m2 on ø9mm motor pattern on 2.5mm 2″, 2.5″ or 3″ arms
  • m2 on ø12mm + m2 on ø9 dual motor pattern  on the beefier 3.2mm 3″ and 4″ arms
  • Designed for ufl lolipop style antennas and TBS Unify Pro32 Nano VTX (or similar 15mm x 13mm vtx)

10mm pivot mounts for Naked GoPro and Insta360 Go, Arm Guards, and other accessories are sold separately in our parts section, and are available on Thingiverse for personal non commercial use. More uploads happening soon. Don’t see a way to order the configuration you are looking for? Just ask.

Yes, we do have prop guards for the 3″ model, just keep in mind they only come with the 9mm ø motor mounting pattern.

Spare arms can be ordered in two packs.

NEW – Body parts for all Ripsqueak variations are now available.

*NOTE: due to a massive screw up in inventory, we are currently out of arms with the 9mm+12mm bolt pattern and only have arms with the 9mm pattern. We were sent the wrong ones. Hoping to correct this situation soon. Sorry for the confusion and delays.


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We started out with our original Rip Squeak OG micro, one of the most popular frames BQE has ever produced… slimmed it down to lower drag, strengthened it where it was most vulnerable, and gave it the option for AIO toothpick flight controllers and larger motors. This made the new body a bit longer as well. The bit of additional leg room goes a long way, allowing up to 4″ props on this Analog edition and up to 5″ Props on the Digi Edition.

We redesigned the TPU parts to be lighter and easier for anyone to print replacements at home, and we came up with a few alternate configurations for experienced builders to have some fun with. The standard and alternate 3d printable parts will be added to our Thingiverse page as they become available and are easy to modify for whatever ideas you want to explore.  You can build it long or short, tall or slammed, with 2″, 2.5″, 3″, 3.5″, 4″, or 5″ props, and the option to run wider arms in the front than rear to put your props out to the sides… with a Naked GoPro or Insta 360 Go2… pointed front or rear…  There are dozens of ways to build a new Rip Squeak.

It’s a super simple build, with centered 20×20, 16×16, and 45º Toothpick AIO flight control stacks. Replaceable arms take only 2 screws to swap, and don’t interfere with the stack. The basic kit Includes camera mounts for nano size cams, and a combo tail piece that holds a TBS Unify Pro32 Nano VTX (or similar 15mm x 13mm vtx) and an antenna mount for ufl lolipop style vtx antenna with zip tie slots to hold it tight. There are also slots out the rear to allow for zip mounting  2 RX antennas at 90º, such as the TBS Crossfire stock antenna or many diversity antennas. Immortal T antennas can be mounted with 2 zip ties across the bottom plate, just under the stack, or can be fixed to carbon accessory brace plates mounted front or rear. (sold separately)

Already own a Rip Squeak OG or have a bunch of parts? don’t worry, the arms from all previous Rip Squeaks are compatible, as are many of the tpu parts. The 2″ and 2.5″ prop sized arms are still 2.5mm carbon fiber with a 9mm x 9mm motor mount pattern. The 3″, 4″ and 5″ arms are now standard 3.2mm carbon fiber with dual 9mmx9mm and 12mmx12mm motor mounts, allowing for a wide range of motor choices in every size. Arm braces are now included to clamp down the lapped arms, and can be replaced with accessory plates for things like LEDs, GPS, or immortal T antennas.

Special thanks to Chris Teal and the entire testing team for their effort during testing, You guys are the best.


Check out Ciotti FPV’s unboxing:

Additional information

Body Style

Standard 25mm, Slammed 10mm

2 reviews for RIP Squeak v2

  1. RotoRanger

    This is one bad little banger. Built mine with a caddx tarsier and 2004 motors on the 3″ arms. As usual you can’t go wrong with a BQE frame.

  2. Brandon Vick (verified owner)

    Man oh man, this Lil frame is dope AF! I picked up the 2″ frame in kaoss purple. Love how the base plate isn’t one piece an the arms overlap one another. The over all design is like no other frame on the market. Come with two spare arms an 3 camera mounting options, Was surprised about that. If I want to build the slammed version all I’d need to do is pick up shorter standoffs. Also, it’s pretty cool that the motor mount guards for the og Rip Squeak fit the arms for the v2. Waiting for the components from pyrodrone to begin building. Decided to go with a aio Jhemcu board with 1204 motors, bit big but why not go big. Can always install 1106 if I want to downgrade an go with the standard size for a frame this size. Going with a foxeer nano fpv cam an tbs nano vtx with a tbs u.fl antenna. Will be running on 3s 450mah for now. Really stoked about this build, over the past 4 years only built 3″-5″-7″ quads, it’s will be my first micro 2″.

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Size Chart

2" Model
  • 2" prop
  • 2.5mm carbon arms
  • 4 x m2 on ø9mm (1106 style motor pattern)
  • 21.36g carbon weight
2.5" Model
  • 2.5" prop
  • 2.5mm carbon arms
  • 4 x m2 on ø9mm (1106 style motor pattern)
  • 21.9g carbon weight
3" Model
  • 3" prop
  • 3.2mm carbon arms
  • 4 x m2 on ø9mm (1106 style motor pattern) AND 4 x m2 on ø12mm (1504 style motor pattern)
  • 27.8g carbon weight
4" Model
  • 4" prop
  • 3.2mm carbon arms
  • 4 x m2 on ø9mm (1106 style motor pattern) AND 4 x m2 on ø12mm (1407 style motor pattern)
  • 29.72g carbon weight
TPU Nano Camera mounts (2pcs)
  • 1.28g
Slammed Nano Camera Mount with 10mm Pivot
  • 3.13g
TPU vtx tray / ufl antenna mount
  • 2.7g
Standard 25mm standoff + Steel M3 hardware set
  • 9.61g
Slammed 10mm standoff + Steel M3 hardware set
  • 6.98g