Speed Freak Canopy for RIP Squeak OG


Looking for a way to shave 10g off your RIP Squeak OG, while adding a nano camera and an Immortal T?  You found it!

This is super light and airy, and clamps around the OG frame without hardware or tools. There’s plenty of room to build, and your antennas are all mounted securely.

With weight savings come with a cost… These don’t have as much protection as the carbon fiber top plate. They also require bottom mounting your battery, and are limited to nano size cameras. For serious pilots only!!!

  • TPU canopy is only 8.5 grams
  • Aerodynamic shape reduces drag
  • Slots into VERSION 3 OG Frames – requires no hardware
  • Direct fit for Nano FPV cams, Foxeer Lolipop ufl, & TBS Immortal T
  • Use zip ties as 90º antennas for diversity RX’s
  • 20mm Build height, plenty of space left over
  • Narrow body allows you to use 2.5″ props on 2″ arms… even less weight!
  • Combine with 7075 aluminum hardware for even more weight savings

Arm Guards sold separately.
Click here to view a gallery of even more photos.
The Speed Freak Edition can be purchased as a complete frame kit too.

Note: The Custom Striped prints are one offs. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

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