BQE Pixel

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The BQE Pixel is at home almost anywhere, perfect for playgrounds and tight spaces. Customize it how you like, with multiple options for hardware and 3d printed parts.


  • 2mm thick carbon fiber frame – 8.8g
  • Designed for 2.5″ props
  • Uses standard m3 hardware
  • For 1102/1103/1104/1105/1106 motors
  • 20mm x 20mm, 16mm x 16mm, & 15mm x 15mm FC stack mounting
  • 3d Printed TPU camera mount with antenna and 9mm buzzer mounts
  • Includes nylon antenna protection
  • Fits 9mm buzzer, sold separately
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The BQE Pixel is a light weight 2mm carbon fiber frame designed for the AIO cameras we’ve all come to love. Fits all the popular 20mm x 20mm Flight Controllers and 4-in-one escs, as well as the new 16mm x 16mm and 15mm x 15mm boards that are starting to roll out. Perfect for 1102/1103/1105/1106 motors. It flies best with a 2.4″ or 2.5″ props, but it comfortably fits up to 2.8″ props, and you can swing up to a 3″ prop with a 16mm center stack. Right at home almost anywhere, this little racer is perfect for playgrounds and tight spaces. Customize it how you like, with multiple options for hardware and 3d printed parts.

Looking for something a little smaller? Check out the BQE Mini Pixel for 2″ props.

We also have a 3″ model with 4mm carbon! Check out the Mega Pixel 3″

*if you need a specific color TPU, let us know in your order comments and we’ll be in touch.




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TX02 / TX03, FX797T / FX798T / Quanum Elite, VM275T / CM275T, FX805

4 reviews for BQE Pixel

  1. Travis Brann

    I got this frame to build as a 1S quad with a 16×16 stack about a year and a half about. I drilled holes to mount 0703 motor and after crashing and breaking countless motors I switched to 1103 10,000kv motors and they are great. The point is I’ve broken motors, cameras, and FCer stacks in crashes but the frame is still mint. I’ve failsafed from 60 feet up onto pavement, I smacked concrete walls and pillar, I plowed dead on into metal poles at full speed and I just can’t kill the frame(mind you my build is only moving at 1S speed and weighs just 58grams total). Now stop reading and it to cart already.

  2. Barry (verified owner)

    Dont let its simple looks deceive you. That’s where this frame shines the most easy placement for fc stack. Top mount camera for aio cam simplifying your build. Tough as nails with square frame and thick carbon. Ive slammed this full blast into everything learning to fly. All I had to do was dust her off and keep flying.

  3. Jeff Roberts

    The Pixel is a must have! Super great for a beginner learning acro, the frame is rigid, lightweight, and basically indestructible. The light weight makes it very forgiving!! It handles like the bigger 5″ quads. I give it 5 stars!!
    My set up is 1103 10,000kv motors. 2s lipo. F3 omnibus with osd.

  4. Will

    The BQE Pixel is one of the most fun quads that I have flown and a real innovation when it comes to micro quads! Very robust frame; when planned out as a lightweight build, it can really take a beating and keep on flying. 1103 motors + 2s = an insanely versatile and fun quad!

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